Product Description

Royal Oporto Ruby Port is rich, mellow and smooth with a subtle fruity taste well integrated and balanced. As a result of a long and careful ageing in selected oak casks, it has developed a remarkable velvety flavour.

This superb RUBY Port, patiently aged in selected old oak casks, is a classic example of the company’s style of blending.

During its ageing process, its young characteristics of fruit aromas and flavours begin to disappear and are replaced by subtle, mellow notes where it is possible to spot flavours of spice, nuts, liquorice, vanilla and fruit jam.

At this time, the experience and knowledge of Real Companhia Velha’s Master Port Blender is essential to predict future developments in these wines and anticipate the touch each Port will bring to the 10 years blend. The aromas and flavours of these wines are in the hands of the Master Port Blender, who seeks to create a yet another fine representative of Real Companhia Velha’s Port

Royal Oporto RUBY Port is produced by the traditional Port method. The hand-picked grapes are destemmed and crushed before fermentation at controlled temperatures, with skin maceration. The moment of fortification is chosen by the winemaker following strict control of fermentation temperatures and densities according to the vine variety, maturation stage and the final sweetness required. The final blend results from a selection of wines between 8 and 12 years of age, composed to maintain the consistency and character of this Royal Oporto RUBY Port

Store and Serve Advice:
The bottle should be kept upright, protected from light and humidity, at a constant temperature of 16ºC-18ºC. It is ready for drinking and does not require decanting. Once open, it should be consumed within 2-3 months. Serve between 12ºC-16ºC.